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Serious Barbecue

Smoke, Char, Baste, & Brush Your Way to Great Outdoor Cooking

APL Publishing - Second Edition

In his first cookbook, Serious Barbecue, Perry Lang offers backyard chefs an essential cut-by-cut guide that ups the ante on America’s most flavor-packed cuisine.

Perry Lang asserts that the two fundamentals of pure barbecue are the quality of the meat you select and the layers of flavor you build into it. Serious Barbecue’s chapters on Pork, Beef and Veal, Lamb, and Chicken and Turkey begin by describing what makes each kind of meat special and how to select it from the butcher’s case. Then Perry Lang shares the best recipe for showing each cut to its greatest advantage. Throughout the book, he demonstrates how to build flavor through layers of seasoning blends and glazes and basting butters and sauces at strategic times during the cooking process. Even after he removes the meat from the heat, Perry Lang paints his cutting board with glazes so that each piece picks up a new burst of flavor as he slices it.

Serious Barbecue is packed with straightforward, original recipes that include step-by-step seasoning instructions, readily available ingredients, and gorgeous color photographs.  Adept at slow-cooked, smoke-perfumed Southern barbecue and charred, juicy, direct-grilled meats alike, Perry Lang offers clear instructions for both classic (Beef Brisket, Hot Wings) and new (Charred Thin Asian Pork Chops; Short Ribs with Fleur de Sel) preparations. To supplement the chapters on meat, Serious Barbecue includes sections on sides (substitute Perry Lang’s Carrot Currant Salad for cole slaw), basics (try his Amped-Up Cocktail Sauce as an accompaniment to Grilled Shrimp Cocktail), and an illuminating interview about the science of barbecue. Whether you’re looking to make Speedy Pulled Pork or a Whole Pig on a Spit, Serious Barbecue is all you need to achieve the holy grail of barbecuing: bragging rights.

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Charred and Scruffed

Bold new techniques for explosive flavor on and off the grill

Artisan 2012

Adam Perry Lang’s latest book, Charred & Scruffed, is a guide to active grilling techniques for achieving succulent meat, crunchy crusts, and intense flavor every time you cook with fire.


In CHARRED & SCRUFFED, Adam Perry Lang blows it wide open with groundbreaking techniques for achieving intense flavor. Throughout the book, his recipes are accompanied by lush color photographs, both step-by-step process shots and vivid images of finished dishes so you know what to expect.
Perry Lang opens by explaining his building blocks: seasoning, controlling heat, adding layers of flavor during the cooking process, and finishing the meat with still more flavor even after removing it from the fire. In chapters on Meat, Fish, and Poultry, he introduces exciting new techniques like scruffing (roughing up meat to create more surfaces where seasonings and bastes can cling for extra flavor), clinching (cooking meat directly on the coals to enhance crunch), and cooking high and slow (especially effective for crust development in larger cuts). He covers familiar cuts of meat and also introduces new ones such as the “Man Steak” which combines every texture in steakdom in one piece of meat.

Then he demonstrates how to layer even more flavor onto the meat with spackles (textural, highly concentrated condiments), finishing salts, and his signature board dressing. Perry Lang’s passionate yet cerebral approach to barbecue extends to side dishes such as Crispy Moonshine Onion Rings, Polenta with Mascarpone and Rosemary, and Charred Radicchio with Sweet-and-Sticky Balsamic and Bacon.


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BBQ 25

The Worlds Most Flavorful recipes - Now Made Foolproof

Harper Collins 2010

Adam Perry Lang has spent his career perfecting what he calls “3D Flavor” for the barbecue.  Not satisfied with flat boring flavors, Adam has created an effortless method of layering flavors to get extraordinary results from your grill.

In his newest book, BBQ 25: The World's Most Flavorful Recipes Now Made Foolproof, Adam distills his vast knowledge and creates the "25 recipes that you will cook 95 percent of the time" and puts them into a format that's a first for a cookbook.

His hyper-visual "BBQ survival guide" comes in a wind-proof, easy-to-clean board book built to withstand beer and barbecue sauce spills out at the grill. BBQ 25 is organized by type of meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish & miscellaneous) and cooking time (quick, medium, long). He begins every chapter with a short list of "Sourcing Tips" and then dives in. Directions are split into "preparation" and "cooking method" and Adam communicates his 3D flavor-building techniques into easy-to-remember phrases including "season like rain," and "glisten with oil."In addition, each recipe is illustrated with full-color photographs of the process, a pictorial of the required tools, and ingredient lists for marinades, seasonings, and brines. And every dish can be done in 10 (or less) steps from preparation to table.

More than half of the recipes in BBQ 25 are "Quick Cook" because as Adam writes in his introduction, "Sometimes all you want is instant gratification. Relax, have fun, embrace simple ingredients and make them into something spectacular. Enjoy the stuff that surrounds you, and cook while having a beer, hanging with your family or watching a game with your friends. You want recipes that are straightforward, easy-to-follow and look really professional, with flavors that blow your mind." What more is there to say?

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